Friday, May 15, 2009

Kona winds

One of the best things about living down here near the water is that we get a wonderful breeze flowing through the house throughout the day.  You always hear about the tradewinds in Hawaii, but we also experience the Kona winds down here.  The tradewinds blow west from across the island from offshore Hilo (on the opposite side of the island).  They travel over the mountains and can bring rain, clouds, cool temperatures (at night and in the winter), storms, and smog from Kilauea (vog). However, down here so close to the ocean we feel the Kona winds that blow in from the ocean and push the rain and vog back up mauka (towards the mountains).  It's the Kona winds that keep our little neighborhood in its own special micro-climate with warm dry days and lots of sunshine - perfect for growing plumeria and citrus fruit.  As I sit here and write I feel the cool wind blowing through the house and hear it moving the palm fronds and the windchime outside.  These soft  sounds, along with doves' gentle cooing and birdsong are the background sounds of life here at the Inn. 

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