Sunday, January 16, 2011

Vog Fog

If you’re ever out touring the island with your husband/wife/family/partner/friend and suddenly for no apparent reason find yourself bickering over something stupid like directions or the weather on an otherwise fantastic trip to Hawaii, blame the vog. Or if you find yourself staring into the refrigerator forgetting what you were looking for, or wandering around your room feeling confused, or just don’t have the energy to climb out of bed, blame the vog. You’re in a vog-fog, as we like to call it.

Vog is the word for the volcanic smog billowing out of Kilauea on a daily basis. It blows around the island pushed by the winds, and can settle anywhere. Of course it’s thickest closest to the Volcano itself, but can be blown as far north as Oahu. If you’re around Kona on a voggy day, you’ll see it settled along the coastline as you descend the hill into Kailua. If we get an ultra-pink sunset one night you can thank our “natural” pollution.

Luckily down here near the ocean we have a near-constant ocean wind blowing which keeps the vog at bay. You may see the vog lurking up the hill at higher altitudes, but down here the sky is almost always clear. During your visit it may not even be present. We’ve never had a guest be affected by it. Of course if you have asthma or allergies it’s best to be prepared when you go to visit the Volcano, but otherwise the island is safe. It won’t make you sick, but you may feel a little loopy.

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