Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reef Update

Today is so beautiful it almost hurts. The air is perfectly clear and the horizon is a hard edge, seemingly forever away, between bright blue ocean and sky. The Kona wind is blowing softly, offering a cooling counterpoint to the hot sun. The sun is so bright and hot today that it’s heated up the rocks and the grass, leaving both warm to the touch. Our yard smells like summer.

It is the perfect kind of day to go snorkeling in the morning when the reef fish are all up and active and there’s lots of light, and then return to the Inn for an afternoon of sunbathing and pool-time, followed by a drink at sunset. The sunsets are always nice, but on these crystal-clear days they are spectacular.

Over the last week, we have had multiple couples go snorkeling at both the Captain Cook monument and at Two Step, and both areas seem to be perfectly alive and well, post-tsunami. Dolphins have been spotted in both areas, and around full moon-time were seen in the dozens at Two Step. Turtles, eels, loads of reef fish, and even a manta ray have also been spotted.

Kayak permits are being awarded, kayaks are being rented, and snorkel tours are up and running as normal. We had some guests hike the monument trail this week and comment on how well the trail was maintained. In short, all normal tourist activities in the bay have resumed and the reef appears to be healthy.

While the mainland edges into spring, Hawaii is already in the throes of summer: sun, soft wind, brilliant flowers, warmth, and gorgeous water. It is a particularly nice time to visit because ticket prices always seem to drop in April around tax-time. Check out amazingly cheap rates (I saw round trip tickets for $400 from San Francisco) at Hawaiian Air.

The island is waiting…

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